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What is Ultra Premium CBD Hemp Flower?

We know phrases like “mid” and “schwag” because not all cannabis is created equal. (Okay, you might not have heard 'schwag' […]

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Joe Rogan and Cypress Hill: Does CBD Work?

When Joe Rogan and Cypress Hill's B-Real get together there's a 100% chance that marijuana will be inhaled. And that's exactly […]

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What are the best spring smokes?

These Spring Strains are all 30% Off with promo code SPRING30 this week Spring is here.  Trees are blossoming, flowers are […]

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The 420 Playlist

Today's musical playlist is inspired by 420. You can read more about the origin of "420" here Includes music (and more) […]

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What does “420” mean?

The marijuana holiday explained Every April 20th cannabis lovers celebrate because... it’s Four-Twenty.  It’s a day where stoners get extra stoned, […]

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Playlist 1.0: The Energy Strains

The Kushy Dreams Playlist series is where we pair music with our strains. Today's musical playlist is inspired by our daytime CBD products: Energy. […]

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Don't Blink: Andrew Schulz Giveaway Contest

Thursday January 27, 2022 Our bud/comic Andrew Schulz is giving away CBD and Delta-8 from Kushy Dreams. You'll have a chance […]

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The Christmas Playlist

Christmas music isn’t for everyone, but some of it is for us– and hopefully you! We’ve put together a mix of […]

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Our Best Sellers of 2021

People often ask us what are our most popular products. Here are our best sellers of 2021 in each category: 5 […]

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All About Delta-8 THC

UPDATE: Indica Delta-8 Pre-Rolls now available in limited supply (Click Here) So what is Delta-8? Both marijuana and hemp are cannabis, […]

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New York Hustle

Founded in 2019 by a group of long-time cannabis flower enthusiasts/connoisseurs, Kushy Dreams provides extraordinary, hand-selected cannabis and aims to share the great power of hemp and CBD with the people. Even with the explosion of smokable hemp and CBD products, we still couldn’t find anything that was up to our standards. Instead we decided to set the standard ourselves by adding some of our New York hustle to this industry that started out West.
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