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6 Great Methods For Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Ways To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Methods For Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Growing good cannabis is an intricate process that involves many steps and situations. When it comes to growing cannabis (or other plants), the first step is often seed germination.

Germination occurs when a seed opens and begins turning into a plant. In the case of cannabis, the seed first grows a taproot for water and nutrient consumption. It then breaks free from the shell and begins its life as a seedling plant.

There are many methods for germinating cannabis seeds. Like most aspects of growing cannabis, there are a variety of methods to germinating seeds. Each grower has their own opinion and personal growing style that determines which germination strategy they use.

Are you a new cannabis grower looking to pop some seeds? We got you covered. Today, we want to go over the various methods of germinating cannabis seeds. If we missed your favorite strategy, let us know on social media!

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1. The Paper Towel Method

As the name suggests, the paper towel method involves germinating cannabis seeds in…paper towels. Seeds are placed in between two damp paper towels until their taproot is ready to be planted.

When using this method, make sure that the paper towels are damp. You do not want them to be completely soaked. You also want to keep the germinating seeds in a dark and warm place.

Many people choose to keep the paper towels in a resealable plastic bag or a food container. Just make sure that everything is clean before use. We all know that mold loves dark, warm, and humid places.

Germinate Cannabis Seeds Taproot

2. Direct Planting

Sometimes we don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles when it comes to growing cannabis. Seeds are meant to be grown in soil (or whatever growing medium suits you). Sometimes, putting them into the soil is all it needs.

For direct planting, many growers use a humidity dome over the seeded area. This helps maintain the high level of humidity that seeds and seedlings like. The humidity dome doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Many growers use a clear plastic cup.

When doing direct planting, keep transplanting in mind. You can start with a small batch off growing medium and transplant into bigger pots. Some growers (typically growers of autoflower seeds), plant the seeds directly into their final pot.

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3. Soaking Seeds

You can also leave the seeds in a glass of water for a day. While the seeds may not germinate directly in the water, they will be prepped to get going once they are planted in their growing medium. You know that the seeds are ready to be planted when they sink to the bottom of the glass.

4. Seed Starting Kits

Sometimes you have to kick it old school. Just like with other plants, you can get a seed starting kit. These kits usually have a dome lid to keep in humidity. The tray holds your growing medium of choice and has sections for each seed. 

Germinate Cannabis Seeds In Seed Starter Kits

5. Jiffy Pellets

Similar to seed starting kits, Jiffy Pellets are small pods that are meant for germinating seeds. These pods are typically filled with coco coir or peat moss, two good starting mediums for cannabis seeds. 

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6. Propagation Cubes

Similar to Jiffy Pellets, propagation cubes are small pods made for germinating seeds. They are made of a material that is similar to wool or cotton. People tend to like these because they are sterile and simple.

Germinate Cannabis Seeds Sprouting

What Is Your Preferred Method For Germinating Cannabis Seeds?

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of strategies for germinating cannabis seeds. What is your favorite way to get your marijuana seeds growing? Let us know on social media!

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