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Davy Jones x Mimosa Strain: Cannabis Information And Review

Davy Jones x Mimosa Strain Information

About The Davy Jones x Mimosa Strain

We recently got some Davy Jones x Mimosa from Jaunty Flowers NY. It is a crossbreed of two very popular cannabis strains, and we were super excited to try it.

The buds on this strain are light green in color, with dark purple and orange hairs. The batch we purchased looks to be machine-trimmed. This strain has a fruity aroma that is also skunky with hints of grape. The flavors in the smoke are reminiscent of pine, grapefruit, and citrus.

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The effects of this strain are very strong. There is a potent head high with noticeable munchies. This strain would be great for creative endeavors, or to increase appetite.

Have you purchased (or have thought about purchasing) the Davy Jones x Mimosa strain? Or do you simply want more information about cannabis strains? Either way, we got your back. Here is everything you need to know about the Davy Jones x Mimosa strain.

Fun Facts About The Davy Jones x Mimosa Strain

  1. As the name clearly states, Davy Jones x Mimosa is a crossbreed of the Davy Jones and Mimosa strains.
  2. The average THC percentage of this strain is in the high range (20%-24%). The eighth we purchased was rated at 24% THC.
  3. Davey Jones x Mimosa is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This means that while it has effects of both plant types, its primary effects are on the mind.

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Have You Tried Davy Jones x Mimosa?

We hope you enjoyed our review and breakdown of the Davy Jones x Mimosa strain. Have you tried this strain of cannabis or any other buds from Jaunty Flowers NY? Let us know your thoughts and experiences on social media!

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