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Banana Acai Mints Strain: Cannabis Information And Review

Banana Acai Mints Strain Information (1)

About The Banana Acai Mints Strain

We recently got some Banana Acai Mints from Electraleaf NY. This cannabis company has been a recent favorite of ours with their Garlic Knots and Cannolis strains.

The buds on this plant are dark green with hints of purple. It has a lot of trichomes and a few hairs. The batch seemed to be well hand-trimmed.

The batch of Banana Acai Mints we purchased has aromas of lemon, pine, blueberry, and clove. The smoke itself is smooth with flavors of banana and pepper.

The effects of Banana Acai Mints are instant and hard-hitting. This would be a great strain for general relief, or to be used as a sleep aide.

Have you purchased (or have thought about purchasing) the Banana Acai Mints strain? Or do you simply want more information about cannabis strains? Either way, we got your back. Here is everything you need to know about the Banana Acai Mints strain.

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Fun Facts About The Banana Acai Mints Strain

  1. Banana Acai Mints is a a crossbreed of Banana Punch and Acai Mintz.
  2. The original breeder of this strain is Tiki Madman.
  3. The average THC percentage of Banana Acai Mints is in the high range (20%-24%). The eighth we purchased came in at 23.93% THC and 0.11% CBD.
  4. Banana Punch, one of the parent strains, is a crossbreed of Banana OG and Purple Punch.
  5. The grower we purchased this strain from is Electraleaf NY, a cannabis cultivator from New York.

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Have You Tried Banana Acai Mints?

We hope you enjoyed our review and breakdown of the Banana Acai Mints strain. Have you tried this strain of cannabis? Let us know your thoughts and experiences on social media!

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