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Kushy Dreams Logo

Founded in 2019

Founded in 2019 by a group of long – time cannabis flower enthusiasts /connoisseurs, Kushy Dreams provides extraordinary, hand – selected cannabis and aims to share the great power of hemp and CBD with the people. Even with the explosion of smokable hemp and CBD products, we still couldn’t find anything that was up to our standards. Instead we decided to set the standard ourselves by adding some of our New York hustle to this industry that started out West.

Our Mission

We bring our experience in the music industry, global hospitality, and show business to Kushy Dreams. Our mission is to approach the CBD industry with the same passion and precision we brought to our previous endeavors. That’s reflected in the quality of our products, our obsession with customer satisfaction, and our desire to make it all visually appealing. Our goal is excellence and that’s why we’ve teamed up with growers with years of experience in the legal cannabis market. Our flowers are 100% organic, small batch, hand selected, hand trimmed, and third – party lab tested. We’re meticulous about delivering products directly to your door that are harvest fresh and cured to perfection.

We also got tired of the silly names (who can forget O.G. ISIS Trainwreck 2.0?) so we upgraded the process and curated our strain genetics then named them after their effects: Create, Dream, Energy, Hustle, Peace, and Relax.
Kushy Dreams Logo
Welcome to the finest smokable hemp and CBD products ever produced.

Welcome to KushyDreams.
Smoke your CBD.
We do.

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