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What does Bradley Martyn smoke?

Bradley Martyn And CBD Cannabis

Does Bradley Martyn smoke weed? Not sure.

Does Bradley Martyn smoke Delta-8 THC? Maybe.

Does Bradley Martyn smoke CBD? Yes.

Bradley Martyn is one of the biggest fitness personalities in the world (not just in physical size… but he is a mass monster.) He’s a gym owner, training gear and clothing mogul, Stevewilldoit’s best friend, honorary Nelk Boy, and a wildly popular content producer on YouTube and Instagram.

And Bradley’s not just some meathead– he’s an interesting guy with charisma for days. That’s why we wanted to sponsor his popular (and new-ish) podcast, Raw Talk, where he’s had guests from all over the fitness world and YouTube personalities (like Sean O’Malley, Mike Majlak, Bryce Hall, Lana Rhoades, Bob Menery, Sommer Ray, and Ronnie Coleman.)

Bradley smokes an Energy CBD pre-roll on a recent episode of Raw Talk in the clip below. “This is the Energy, since I’m about to go to the gym,” he said of the sativa joint. He’s also looking us to make an even better pre-workout CBD smoke: “Where is the pre-roll, ‘Pump’?”

He also said his preferred way to take CBD is by smoking: “The vibes are nice– and you don’t get twisted.”

Pump just might be Kushy Dreams x Bradley Martyn pre-workout collab. Stay tuned.

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