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Playlist: The Hustle Strain

Playlist 1.0 For The Hustle Strain The Kushy Dreams Playlist series is where we pair music with our strains. The last was Relax. […]

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Do You Ship CBD To My Country?

Do You Ship CBD To My Country? A frequent question we get asked is do you ship internationally?  The answer is […]

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Playlist: The Relax Strain

Playlist 1.0 For The Relax Strain Here’s the first in our new Playlist series, where we match music with our strains. […]

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Do You Sell CBD Gummies?

Do You Sell CBD Gummies? Do you sell CBD gummies?  No. Not even gummy bears or gummy worms or gummy sharks? […]

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Do You Ship CBD To My State?

Do You Ship CBD To My State? The short answer is: yes, we definitely ship to your state.  The long answer […]

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What are people saying about Kushy Dreams?

Reviews From The Weed Blog The Weed Blog recently ran a series of reviews on our smokable flower, individual pre-rolls, and […]

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What does Joe Rogan say about CBD?

Thoughts from everyone’s favorite pothead The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is the biggest in the world Joe Rogan, everyone’s favorite comic/podcaster/shaman/muscleman, […]

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We Love Our Podcast Partners

Thanks to these great shows From sports to news to comedy to music to interview shows to irreverent fun… we love […]

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Luis J. Gomez Smokes Big

The comic/podcaster smokes his CBD Luis J. Gomez — aka The Puerto Rican Rattlesnake — is a long-time fan of smoking […]

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New York Hustle

Founded in 2019 by a group of long-time cannabis flower enthusiasts/connoisseurs, Kushy Dreams provides extraordinary, hand-selected cannabis and aims to share the great power of hemp and CBD with the people. Even with the explosion of smokable hemp and CBD products, we still couldn’t find anything that was up to our standards. Instead we decided to set the standard ourselves by adding some of our New York hustle to this industry that started out West.
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