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On each of our product pages we list the price of the item as well as an alternative price. 

That second price says: “or 4 interest-free methods of $$$$ with Sezzle”. (Where $$$$ is the price of the item divided by four.) 

After adding items to your cart you have the option at checkout to pay by credit card or with Sezzle. When you select Sezzle you can use their service that spread the total price of your order into four payments that are to be paid over six weeks.

Sezzle allows you to buy now and pay later (sometimes called “BNPL”) with no interest (0% interest) or fees as long as you make each payment on time. There’s also no impact on your credit score. 

It's a way to keep more money in your pocket today because you only have to make a 25% payment immediately.

Here’s more information if you’re still not sure if you want to Sezzle It:

So what is Sezzle?

In their words: “Sezzle is a payment solution that gives you the freedom to buy now and pay later - with no interest!” 

It’s a new alternative to buying things online with credit cards or debit cards or PayPal or ApplePay or GooglePay etc.

How is Sezzle different from paying with a credit card?

When you pay with a credit card the merchant is paid immediately by the credit card company and then your order is fulfilled by the merchant.

Sezzle -- just like the credit card companies -- pays the merchant in-full immediately and the merchant processes your order on the same schedule as if you paid any other way.

Is Sezzle the same as layaway?

No. Layaway means you have to pay in full before you receive your order. With Sezzle there is no wait.

When are my payments due with Sezzle?

At checkout you pay 25% of your total order price. Then in two weeks you pay another 25%. Then another 25% in four weeks. And the final 25% payment at six weeks. 

How do I sign up for Sezzle?

Select Sezzle at checkout and you’ll be taken to their site where they will make an instant approval decision. 

What is Buy Now, Pay Later or BNPL?

BNPL is a type of financing that’s quickly growing in popularity on the Internet. It’s short-term financing that allows consumers to make purchases and pay for them at a future date. These payments are often interest-free

Is It safe and secure to use Sezzle?

Here’s what Sezzle has to say about Security and Compliance

Will Sezzle affect my credit score?

No. When you sign up they do a soft pull of your credit and not a hard pull. That means your credit score won't be affected when you pay with Sezzle.

So what’s the catch with Sezzle?

There is no catch. Just make sure you make your payments on time and there are no additional charges. 

How do I pay with Sezzle?

Select Sezzle at checkout and follow the instructions provided.

Why should I use Sezzle?

That's really up to you. Some people prefer the payment schedule while other people may want to avoid credit card debt.

Is it really that easy to Sezzle It?

Yes, it is. We've tried Sezzle on other sites and it's a good payment option.

Will I fail a drug test from smoking Kushy Dreams?


Will I pass a drug test after smoking Kushy Dreams?


Drug tests are to see if there are intoxicants in your system and and after smoking Kushy Dreams there could be trace amounts. Unfortunately, it is possible to fail a drug test from smoking our non-intoxicating flower and pre-rolls. 

We just can't predict how likely that is.

Cannabinoids: CBD vs THC

All cannabis is made up of a variety of compounds called cannabinoids. The two most common are CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol.) Drug tests don’t look for CBD since it doesn’t get you high. 

THC, which is psychoactive, is the issue. 

A Small Amount of THC Is Legal

Everything from Kushy Dreams is high in CBD and low in THC. However, nothing is 0% THC. 

Premium hemp flower that’s high in CBD is always going to contain trace amounts of THC (similar to how non-alcoholic beer contains trace amounts of alcohol.) By federal law, here in the United States, any cannabis with under 0.3% Delta 9 THC is considered hemp and is legal in all 50 states and U.S. territories (we see you, Puerto Rico.) 

(Cannabis with over 0.3% Delta 9 THC is considered marijuana and, as we all know, that’s an entirely different story.)

Is A Tiny Amount of THC Enough To Fail A Drug Test?

The truth is we don’t know. That answer would depend on how much you have consumed and the test itself. And, of course, if you’ve consumed anything else which contains THC. 

So What Should I Do?

If you have a drug test (or the threat of one) coming up it’s probably for a good reason like work, family, court, etc. We don’t want you to risk making things difficult, so we’d rather you have a good, happy life than take your money. And maybe one day things will change and we can share happy times together. 


If you’d like to know more about what you’re smoking, all of our products have Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that detail exactly what cannabinoids (and in what percentages) are found in our eighths of flower and pre-roll joints. Each analysis is performed by an independent laboratory.

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