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What is Ultra Premium CBD Hemp Flower?

What Is Ultra Premium CBD Hemp Flower

We know phrases like “mid” and “schwag” because not all cannabis is created equal. (Okay, you might not have heard ‘schwag’ if you’re under 40…)

While those terms are associated with marijuana (which is high-THC and low-CBD) they also can be used for hemp products (which is low-THC and high-CBD) like CBD Hemp Flower.

The schwag (or low quality) CBD Hemp Flower is the stuff you find at the gas station. It’s usually near the register, is fairly inexpensive, and just looks shady. Unfortunately this junk is many people’s introduction to smokable CBD– they spend a few bucks, try it, and are turned off by its harshness and the headache that follows. It’s not a good time and you miss out on the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Mid is the middle of the spectrum of quality. Even though grading something “medium” isn’t necessarily horrible, in this case it’s not good. A lot of smokable CBD out there is a bunch of mids and not worth your time and money.

We started Kushy Dreams was because we couldn’t find smokable CBD Hemp Flower up to our standards. That’s why all of our flower is top shelf / choice / select. But there is a difference between Premium from Ultra Premium: where the plants were grown.

Premium Is Sunlight Grown

This flower comes from a condition that has successfully produced hemp for centuries: natural sunlight.

Our sunlight-grown flower features high terpene and cannabinoid profiles because outdoor grown can absolutely produce wonderful results when in the hands of the best growers. Evolving science and technology has led to an astronomical climb in the innovation in hemp horticulture in that’s best seen where variables can be controlled the most.

That’s where Ultra Premium shines.

Ultra Premium Is Indoor Grown

Our highest-quality flower comes from indoor growing methods that feature the absolute attention to detail. This control of production leads to the greatest terpene expression, rich smell and taste, higher density buds, and a smoother smoke. Growing cannabis indoors gives growers complete control of the entire growth cycle. Control of artificial lights, light angles, room temperature, humidity ranges, and air circulation, CO2 levels, allow hemp plants to grow and thrive. It’s also the best situation for growing exotic strains. 


All of our flowers are grown with high amounts of the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol.) Every strain from every comes from a limited, small batch. All of our flowers are always 100% hand trimmed, and never machine trimmed. Each batch is slow cured for two to four weeks to guarantee maximum freshness as well as to preserve flavor and cannabinoids. Every can of CBD Hemp Flower is nitrogen sealed to keep it harvest fresh.

No longer is this plant just some weed.


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