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What are the best spring smokes?

These Spring Strains are all 30% Off with promo code SPRING30 this week

Spring is here. 

Trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, and warm air is replacing the final chills of Winter. Some say Spring is a season for rebirth, renewal, and awakening. 

But we just call it: smoking weather. 

And nothing pairs better with Spring than uplifting sativa strains enjoyed outside during the day.

Here are our top five CBD and Delta-8 strains for Spring:

  • Hustle – 5 Pack CBD Pre-Rolls: Our 5-Packs feature half-gram pre-rolls. They’re the perfect size for being out and about. These are great for spring because their uplifting effects and notes of tropical fruit just feel right out under the sun.

  • Create – CBD Flower: Available in sunlight-grown flower (Premium, Half-Ounce, Ounce) and indoor-grown flower (Ultra Premium.) Create will spark your brain and help keep you going.

  • Hustle – CBD Pre-Rolls: Maybe you aren’t pressed for time and you want to enjoy a full-gram smoke. You’ll enjoy Hustle for hints of tropical fruits, you can get moving.

These Spring Strains are all 30% Off with promo code SPRING30 this week


What are your favorite strains for Spring? Share with us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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