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The Difference Between Cooking Shake And Regular Shake

Cannabis Cooking Shake Explained

My First Experience With Cooking Shake

I recently found out the difference between cooking shake and regular shake. I was going to a local dispensary and saw that they had a half ounce of cooking shake for a great price. As a joint roller, I love getting a good deal on shake or preground cannabis.

I, wrongly, assumed that this was your standard shake. Shake is a word that takes on many meanings in the cannabis community. On the street level, the word shake is usually used to refer to cannabis flower crumbs found at the bottom of the dealer’s bag.

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While this term is similar when used by retail cannabis establishments, there are different kinds of shakes available for purchase. I purchased the half ounce of cooking shake thinking that the word ‘cooking’ in the name was just the dispensary’s fancy way to sell of their shake. I was wrong about this.

When I opened the jar, I was greeted by a bright green powder, similar to matcha power. There was no way I was going to be able to smoke this. I wasn’t mad, it was my own mistake made by my own ignorance. Also, I will never turn down a chance to whip up a batch of edibles.

This whole experience motivated me to do some research into cooking shake. I can’t be the only person out there who is, and will, make the mistake of buying cooking shake to smoke.

Cooking Shake Vs Regular Shake

What Is Cooking Shake?

While all cannabis flower can be used to make edibles, cooking shake is shake that is specifically designed for making edibles. We are talking about the finest pieces of cannabis in the batch.

I am not sure how dispensaries make this shake. I am assuming that it is either run through a very fine filter, or batches of shake are ground into a power. Either way, they make killer edibles.

The powdery texture of cooking shake has a variety of benefits when it comes to cooking edibles. You do not have any flower or stem chunks in your food. The increased surface area of the powder will also help increase the potency of your edibles.

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Have You Ever Used Cooking Shake?

We hope you enjoyed the breakdown of our experiences with cooking shake. Have you ever used cooking shake to make edibles? Let us know on social media!

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