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How To Roll A Joint For Beginners (Easy Guide)

How To Roll A Joint

How To Roll A Joint For Beginners

When it comes to consuming cannabis, nothing beats a classic joint. It is my personal favorite way to use cannabis flower. Yeah, your uncle may refer to them as ‘jazz cigarettes’, and that’s okay. People of all shapes, and sizes can enjoy a nice jay.

Rolling joints is also a good skill to have. You don’t always have access to pipes or elaborate rigs. Sometimes all you need is a small piece of paper with a glue strip. There are many different ways to roll joints, such as the mythical cross-joint, and being able to roll intricate jays can impress your friends.

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The 7 Steps To Rolling A Joint

Today I wanted to go over the basic method for rolling joints. This is the technique I use to roll joints, and also the first one that I learned. We can move on to the crazier rolls once we cover the basics.

How To Roll A Joint Tips And Tricks

1. Prepare your work surface

Sure, you can just roll a joint with your hands over your lap. However, that isn’t the cleanest or best way to roll. Make sure you are rolling over a clean surface. I prefer using a rolling tray.

2. Grind Your Cannabis Flower

You can’t just drop a fat nug onto the paper. I mean, you can, but it will not have a fun end result. Make sure that your cannabis flower is well-ground before you start the rolling process. The fineness of the grind isn’t super important. What is more important is that the grind is even across the cannabis you plan to use.

3. Decide On A Filter

Some people prefer to use a small filter when rolling joints. This is usually a small piece of rolled-up cardboard. This helps give the joint a mouthpiece and avoid any of those hated Scooby Snacks from getting into your mouth. You can buy filters, or just rip off a strip of the cover of the rolling papers.

Personally, I don’t put filters in my joints. I tend to just roll the mouth end a bit smaller. That said, it can be difficult to do this when you are first learning how to roll. Make the decision that is best for your smoking preferences and rolling abilities.

How To Roll A Joint Step By Step

4. Loading Up The Paper

Now that we have our cannabis flower, papers, and filter, we are ready to start rolling. I typically start by holding the paper open in a ‘V’ shape between my middle finger and thumb. I then use my other hand to sprinkle my ground cannabis onto the paper.

When putting cannabis onto the rolling paper, make sure that you are spreading it evenly. This will help eliminate any bumps in your joint. Also, make sure to pick out any small pieces of stems found in the grind. Steams tend to poke through the paper during the rolling process, which will decrease airflow while smoking.

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5. Start The Rolling Process

Now that the paper is filled with cannabis flower, you are ready to start rolling. Hold the paper closed with your middle fingers and thumbs. Begin to move the halves of the papers back and forth with an even distribution of pressure. You should start feeling the cannabis flower forming a cylindrical shape.

Once you can feel that the cannabis is rolled and evenly distributed, it is time to start preparing for the final roll. As you move the halves of the paper back and forth, start showing a preference for the side with the glue. The goal here is to have all of the cannabis rolled at the bottom of the paper.

How To Roll A Joint For Beginners

6. The Tuck

This is probably the most difficult step for new joint rollers. I know it was the hardest part for me when I started rolling. Now that the cannabis is at the bottom of the paper, it is time to roll the paper up into the classic cigarette shape. You want your joint to be evenly rolled, which brings in concerns about what to do with the non-glue end of the paper.

Most people I know will use their thumbnails to tuck the end of the paper behind the cannabis. If you can do that, go for it. However, I have always had a problem doing this. Instead, I give the bottom of the paper a quarter-turn fold. Do whatever technique works best for you.

7. Roll and Lick

After the tuck has been completed, the rest is simple. Roll the paper up until you get to the glue strip. Give the glue strip a quick lick and finish the roll. Getting this part correct may take practice. If you don’t keep the roll tight, you may find yourself with a loose joint that is spilling cannabis all over the table.

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How To Roll A Joint Easy

Do You Know How To Roll A Joint?

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to roll a joint for beginners. Are you learning to roll joints? Show us your progress on social media!

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