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What Is The Difference Between Blunts And Blunt Wraps?

Difference Between Blunts And Bluntwraps

The Difference Between Blunts And Blunt Wraps

Newer cannabis users may have a difficult time picking up all the slang, terms, and types of cannabis consumption methods. A good example of this is the difference between blunts and blunt wraps. They both have ‘blunt’ in the name. Regular blunts have a wrap. What is the difference here?

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What Is A Blunt?

What Are Blunts - Cannabis Information

A blunt is when a regular cigar is taken apart and repurposed for smoking cannabis flower. Due to price and flavor options, most blunt rollers use cheap machine-made cigars. These are the ones you usually see behind the register at gas stations, bodegas, and convenience stores.

Rolling a blunt can be a tricky process, especially for new smokers. First, the leaf is removed from the cigar. Then the wrap is cracked open and the loose tobacco is discarded. The wrap is then filled with cannabis and rolled like a joint paper. Finally, the leaf is rolled around the wrap.

People love blunts because they are big, contain tobacco, and are fun to roll. Blunts are great for when you are smoking with a large group of people. This keeps you from having to pack the bowl every rotation.

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What Is A Blunt Wrap?

What Are Blunt Wraps - Cannabis Information

Similar to blunts, blunt wraps are also made of tobacco. However, that is where the similarities end. In my opinion, blunt wraps are more similar to joint papers than blunts.

A blunt wrap is a sheet of pressed tobacco. Think of it as the blunt version of a piece of plywood, or fruit leather. Unlike regular blunts, blunt wraps don’t have an intricate process for rolling. You roll a blunt wrap the same way you would roll a joint.

Which Is Better: Blunts Or Blunt Wraps?

In my opinion, blunts are far better than blunt wraps. They are more fun to roll and have more a natural feel to them. Also, in my experience, blunt wraps don’t taste as good as a full cigar.

That said, this all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer blunts over wraps. There are even people who are dedicated to a specific brand of blunts and wraps.

My personal favorite blunts to roll are Green Leaf Game, and Bluntville Pink Diva. I would recommend Bluntville cigars for people who want to smoke blunts but haven’t perfected the rolling process. These cigars are made to be easily unwrapped and re-rolled.

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Are You A Fan Of Blunts And Blunt Wraps?

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the difference between blunts and blunt wraps. What is your preferred cannabis smoking method? Let us know on social media!

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