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Gary Payton Strain From Cookies – Strain Breakdown

About Gary Payton Strain

Gary Payton is a cannabis strain named after the legendary NBA point guard. The strain was a collaborative creation from Cookie and Powerzzz Genetics.

Gary Peyton is a hybrid strain that is high in THC (20%+) and low in CBD (~5%). Hybrid strains contain elements of both Indica and Sativa. A non-dominant hybrid will give users a balanced effect between a body high and a mind high.

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The Gary Payton strain is known for having a gasoline aroma and flavor, similar to strains like Sour Diesel. According to Leafly, the dominant terpene in Gary Payton is Caryophyllene, which is known for giving cannabis a peppery taste.

According to Cookies, Gary Payton is a crossbreed between Snowman OG and Y Life. The effects of the flower are described as strong, especially in terms of body high.

Where To Find The Gary Payton Strain

You can find more information about the Gary Payton strain from Cookies’ official website. Cookies offers Gary Payton in flower, vape, and pre-roll forms.

Have You Tried The Gary Payton Strain?

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the famous Gary Payton cannabis strain. Have you ever tried this strain of cannabis? Let us know your thoughts on social media!

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