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FAQ: Limited Edition Artist Series

Kushy Dreams Limited Edition NFT Artist Series

We just dropped our new Artist Series featuring NFT art from the Gutter Cat Gang, Gutter Dogs, and Gutter Pigeons (Puffer Gang) collections with Delta-9 THC Gummies and Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls. (Check it out here.)

Product design has been a top priority since day one. Our goal has been for the packaging to look as high quality as the product inside and the next growth in that is our new Limited Edition Artist Series. These collaborations showcase a good mix of our major interests: cannabis, pop art, and new technology. 

The Artist Series is also a way to share high-quality cannabis with the NFT community and share NFT art we like with the cannabis community. 

Read this article to learn more about the project, what’s in the bags, and what’s next.

What’s in the new drop?

There are three new products:

Each gummy contains 10mg THC and each bag contains 10 hemp-derived gummies. These edibles are vegan, gluten free, and won’t melt. They are slow cured and small batch so the quality is much better than mass-produced ones. Both the cat and the dog feature the rare trait of green skin from their collections. 

The Puffer Gang re-sealable mylar bag features three Delta-8 THC pre-rolls: Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. The Gutter Pigeon art contains the rare trait of the puffer coat. Each joint is a full gram and comes in child-resistant pop-top tubes.

Do these come with actual NFTs?

They come in limited edition collectible mylar bags that feature NFT art on the front. Purchases do not come with any digital products.

Are the original NFTs for sale?

The current license holders, AWeezy and r0seNY, do not have them listed for sale.

I’m a fan of NFTs. Why would I like this?

You’ll like it for what’s inside the bag. If you like cannabis products then give us a try. We know this market can be kind of crazy but our products are trusted by customers nationwide. Everything is high quality and features third-party lab tests. This is no rug pull.

I’m a fan of cannabis. Why would I like this?

Because the products work. The collectible bag is just a bonus for you.

Why are you doing this artist series?

The founders of Kushy Dreams have an artist background and want to partner with artists to create small batch drops that keep things fresh. We hope to create unique collaborations that enhance both brands.

What makes the Gutter Cat Gang project special?

They launched shortly after the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club collection and have been strong ever since. They’re known for throwing some of the best parties and doing some of the best brand collaborations. Plus, the community continues to support the project and each other. 

What’s the Gutter Cat Gang premise?

Here’s how they explain it: “The year is 2050. Humans are an interplanetary species and have all but abandoned the post-apocalyptic shatters of society on earth. Cats have taken over. One crime-ridden, nondescript inner city is inhabited by a group of cats collectively known as the Gutter Cats. This is their story.”

What makes the Gutter Cat community so special?

The main thing is the camaraderie between people from all walks of life. It’s a group of underdogs (who’ve risen from the gutter) and have helped each other to do well. Plus there will only ever be 3,000 original Gutter Cats ever created so owners tend to hold on to their NFTs.

What do you like about the art?

They’re simple but clean. And they have traits that are more relatable to hip-hop heads like us.  Out of the 70 cats in existence with alien green fur, Cat #1648 really struck us as a perfect brand ambassador because of his aesthetic and his obvious love for joints. 

The Gutter Pigeon is part of the Puffer Gang. What’s that?

The rare trait is the pigeon wearing a puffer bubble jacket. We like bubble jackets because New York is cold and it’s a part of culture. This Puffer is from r0seNY. We saw him working tirelessly to make the artwork even cooler by remixing them. He’s going to be releasing actual puffer jackets soon (in time for winter, we hope.)

What are creative rights / intellectual property?

One of the aspects of the NFT space we like is that very often NFT owners will retain the creative rights to their NFT. That means there’s multiple things you can do with it compared to the limitations of the standard art world.

Will Kushy Dreams launch original NFTs in the future?

Possibly. We definitely want some kind of future in Web3. (We have been accepting crypto for a few years now.

Is there a future in Web3 for Kushy Dreams?

We see many possibilities that our existing community could benefit from in Web3. And you might even see our retail store in the metaverse.

How can I started with NFTs?

Buy some crypto (perhaps off Coinbase.) Get an NFT wallet (like MetaMask.) And find a place that sells NFTs (like OpenSea or LooksRare or X2Y2.)


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