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5 Tips For Spotting Fake Cannabis Products

How To Spot Fake Cannabis Products

Tips For Spotting Fake Cannabis Products

The legality of cannabis, and other cannabinoid products, changes from state to state. America is currently in a situation where there are street dealers, licensed retail establishments, and everything in between. There is also the rise of new types of cannabis concentrates, such as Delta 8 THC.

With the cannabis market being flooded with both retail and black market products, it can be difficult to tell if what you are buying is legit. Who knows what is in that vape pen at the gas station?

All cannabis users should be safe regardless of the product they are using. I cannot stress this enough: do not put sketchy cannabis products into your body. We don’t need another situation like the Vitamin E Acetate scandal.

It can be difficult to navigate this new territory, especially for unseasoned cannabis users. Today, we want to go over some tips for spotting fake cannabis products.

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1. Do Your Research

It may be tempting to impulse buy that brightly colored vape at your local smoke shop. However, it is not going anywhere. Go home and do some research before making a purchase. Check out the company’s website and look for any red flags. Also, look for legitimate lab testing data.

Forums such as Reddit are also helpful for this. More than likely, someone more experienced than you has tried the same product. See what their thoughts are before spending your money and potentially risking your health.

2. Check The Packaging

There are a lot of fake cannabis companies out there. Packaging and labeling can be purchased wholesale from websites like Alibaba and Wish. Just because the graphic design of the package looks cool, doesn’t mean the product is of good quality.

Even if you recognize the brand name, that does not mean that the company made what was in the package. There are a lot of fakes and lookalikes out there. Before buying cannabis products, check the packaging for any red flags. This includes typos, poorly-written product descriptions, and blurry imaging.

3. Look For Lab Results

Legitimate cannabis companies have their products lab tested before they are sold to the public. Most products have lab test results as a sticker on the packaging. At the very least, they will post the lab results on their website.

I would also look into the lab that the results came from. People have been known to put fake lab results on their packages or use testing labs that don’t behave ethically.

Spot Fake Cannabis Products

4. Be Wary Of Pricing

It is very important to understand the pricing of cannabis products in your area. This will help you be able to spot deals that seem too good to be true. If you see cannabis products being sold at absurdly low prices, that should be a red flag that the product is no good. I love a good clearance sale as much as the next guy, but sometimes it is not worth it.

5. Inspect The Product Itself

Outside of the packaging, make sure you are checking out the actual product before putting it into your body. When dealing with vapes, make sure to look at the color and viscosity of the liquid. If something looks off, don’t use it. It isn’t worth the risk.

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Have You Ever Spotted Fake Cannabis Products?

We hope you enjoyed our list of tips for spotting fake cannabis products. Have you ever been in a situation where you bought something less than reputable? Tell us your story on social media!

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