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Photo of open can of Create Ultra Premium smokable CBD hemp flower

Reviews From The Weed Blog

The Weed Blog recently ran a series of reviews on our smokable flower, individual pre-rolls, and Dream 5 Pack. Each review was written by Rebecca Victoria aka That Cannabis Writer.

Here are snippets from each review:

Kushy Dreams CBD Flower Strain Review: Create (Ultra Premium)

When I took off the lid to this flower, it revealed beautifully deep dark purple nugs covered in orange hairs, which I rarely see in flower labeled sativa. 

After removing the nitro seal, I was hit in the nose with pungent sweet grape notes.The smell was probably my favorite part of this particular flower. I sometimes open the can to get a good whiff of it. When smoking it, the taste mimics the sweet aromas.

CBD Flower & Pre-rolls By Kushy Dreams – Strain Review Dream 5 Pack

As a regular cannabis smoker, I appreciate that Kushy Dream produces hemp flower that is on par with cannabis flower found in dispensaries. The Dream CBD flower has a nice smell, slightly sweet with hints of citrus. I packed a bowl of it and I was happy with the sweet flavor of the smoke. The buds were dense and stickier than the sativa flower I had previously tried.

I really enjoyed the pre-rolls. These have been my favorite Kushy products so far. I’m an enthusiast of convenience. Also, since hemp yields little to no high, I like that a larger amount of flower was rolled up and ready for me to smoke. It was rolled nicely and didn’t run. I was able to smoke it all the way to the crutch with no issues.

CBD Hemp Flower Hustle Pre-rolls By Kushy Dream – Review

I enjoyed the Hustle pre-roll. It was a great addition to my afternoon, relieving me from my urge to stay stoney on the couch. I genuinely enjoyed the smoke session as well. 

Kushy Dreams Caviar CBD Pre-Rolls Review: Relax

Relax is beautifully rolled, just like the other pre-rolls from Kushy Dreams. They all burn quite beautifully, nice and slow without any running.

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