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Do You Ship CBD To My Country?

Do You Ship CBD To My Country?

Do You Ship CBD To My Country?

A frequent question we get asked is do you ship internationally? 

The answer is no. But… we would absolutely love to be able to share our CBD-rich hemp pre-rolls and flower with the world one day. 

We’ll explain.

Why Don’t You Ship CBD Internationally?

We just don’t think that shipping pre-rolls and flower internationally is a good idea. If you’ve ever smoked something from Kushy Dreams you know that our CBD looks like marijuana and smells like marijuana (even though it is hemp with under 0.3% Delta 9 THC.) So there’s too great a chance that our packages would never make it out of customs. 

But What If CBD Is Legal In My Country?

We also think it’s a better idea of focus our team’s energy on serving the United States than attempting any international shipping. That’s why we’re not currently monitoring updates and any legal changes in any other countries. Plus, even if there are countries with the same legal situation as the USA, we can’t guarantee your order would even clear customs.

But Maybe One Day, Right?

Maybe one day. Right! It’s entirely possible that other countries make hemp legal and gladly welcome shipments from the United States. Who knows what will happen in the future– even the near future. 

Fingers crossed. Stay tuned.

We do ship everywhere within the United States and U.S. territories

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