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Do You Sell CBD Gummies?

Kushy Dreams: Do You Sell CBD Gummies?

Do You Sell CBD Gummies?

Do you sell CBD gummies? 


Not even gummy bears or gummy worms or gummy sharks?


Will you ever sell CBD gummies? 


What if you change your mind? 

We probably won’t. 

Why? All the other CBD companies offer gummies. 

We would rather focus and energy into delivering the highest-quality CBD hemp flower products out there. 

You’re really serious about flower, huh?

Yes. That’s why we started Kushy Dreams. We founded this company in 2019 when smokable CBD was really blowing up and we couldn’t find anything that was up to our standards (high standards that were developed from many years of smoking cannabis.) 

Okay, you’re not going to sell them, but what do you think about CBD gummies? 

They can be okay. There are a few types: CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. They all have different benefits but the problem is that not all gummies are created equal. Gummies are one of the reasons that some people say “CBD doesn’t work.” They have a bad experience and assume the worst about because they either took gummies that don’t actually contain any CBD or contain less CBD than the label says. And for getting CBD into your system nothing beats smoking– it’s quick, strong, and you don’t have to worry about additives. 

So are there any good CBD gummies out there?

Absolutely. There are reputable brands out there doing good work. DYOR, as they say in crypto and stonks. That means do your own research. But, first, we recommend our CBD-rich hemp flower, and pre-rolls.

(This has been an excerpt from a conversation that never happened but could have.)

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