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Available in create, dream, energy, hustle, peace, and relax.
Smoke Your CBd

Individual CBD hemp pre-roll joints

Full gram pre-rolls rolled in organic hemp paper.
Kushydreams flower combo 3

Smokable CBD hemp flower

3.5g (1/8th oz) cans of beautiful bud.
Kushy 5 packs

5 pack CBD hemp pre-roll joints

Our best-selling pre-rolls are now available in five packs.


  • My husband has been battling depression and anxiety for the last few years, and it was only getting worse. From seeing a therapist (who was quick in the first 20 minutes of his session to prescribe medication) to trying other CDB products... nothing worked. He was feeling like an utter failure until he tried your product. Thank you for giving me back my husband and more importantly, giving our kids back their father.
  • For as long as I can remember, I've been sort of a restless sleeper and it's rare I wake up after a good night's sleep feeling refreshed. I've tried various methods to improve my sleep and nothing worked. A few weeks ago, I tried Kushy Dreams and the results I've had are almost unbelievable. I've slept through the night and my recovery results (the two bad days were after nights of consuming alcohol) have been incredible. Both my REM and deep sleep have nearly doubled since using the products. I highly recommend checking out Kushy Dreams.
    - Phillip P
  • Absolutely fantastic product. I sleep like a baby, whole night through, no stress dreams and I wake up with zero fog, ready to get after it. Cheers!
    -Daniel K
  • Kushy Dreams CBD flower has been great since I started using it. It allows me to get the taste and smell of THC flower while still being able to perform normal activities. It’s helped reduce anxiety as well. I had lost my phone on the golf course and was able to stay relaxed and not worry about it until I found my phone when the round was over. Usually my game would have fallen apart but luckily Kushy Dreams kept me in it.
    -Matt B
  • Wow, I’ve boughten the cheaper CBD cigarette packs before and wasn’t really impressed. Which is probably why I heard your guys ad on Skeptic tank, it was still a while before I finally decided I’d give it a try. I’m blown away by how relaxing and calming the feeling is from after smoking your guys product. It’s like it is something completely different than what I was trying before. I really have enjoyed what I have tested out so far.
    -Michael T
Kushy Dreams provides extraordinary, hand-selected cannabis and aims to share the great power of hemp and CBD with the people. Our flowers are 100% organic, small batch, hand selected, hand trimmed, and third-party lab tested. Welcome to the finest smokable hemp and CBD products ever produced. Welcome to Kushy Dreams. Smoke Your CBD. We do.
Kushy Dreams Limited Edition NFT Artist Series Characters

Limited Edition Artist Series

Our collectible Artist Series featuring NFT art from the Gutter Cat Gang, Gutter Dogs, and Gutter Pigeons (Puffer Gang) collections with Delta-9 THC Gummies and Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls.
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Our Flowers Are:

Slow Cured.
Hand Trimmed.
Always Organic.

Our experienced growers never rush each small batch. Each harvest is methodical and artisanal. And our packaging (nitrogen sealed cans and glass tubes) lock in the flavor and freshness.
Smoke Your CBd


Premium, ultra premium pre-rolls and smokable flower in 6 Kushy Dreams effects
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