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(14 customer reviews)

Individual CBD Hemp Pre-Roll Joints


Title SKU Price Quantity
Create create-preroll $15.00
Relax relax-preroll $15.00
Energy energy-preroll $15.00
Dream dream-preroll $15.00
Peace peace-preroll $15.00
Hustle hustle-preroll $15.00
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Create, Relax, Energy, Dream, Peace, Hustle

14 reviews for Individual CBD Hemp Pre-Roll Joints

  1. Jake (verified owner)

    Awesome product: life saver! Thanks Kushy.
    I like the Relax. Love the Dream.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Have had the Dream and Relax. Both great, but Dream really calms me.

  3. Josh

    Ari Shaffir brought me here

  4. Dustin (verified owner)

    Loved my Relax pre roll. Heard about this on the Ari Shaffir podcast and have never smoked CBD before. I live in Denver so its a good market for everything green related but I will would order this over mostly anything else if I'm going for a good CBD feeling.

  5. Diana (verified owner)

    Ari Shaffir recommended your products & I took his recommendation as truth to power. Can't wait to receive it!

  6. Jesse (verified owner)

    Also heard it on Skeptic Tank! Can’t wait to try it!

  7. XL

    Heard this listening to ari also heard the brilliant idiots talking about y’all too so I had to check it out!

  8. Jaret Gross

    About to place my first order, I was also tricked by an ad to come here. The host mentions Welch’s grape juice also. He will deny it but everyone knows. Keep crossing the line Ari! Comedy’s last stand!

  9. Janae

    The Cumboys told me about Kushy Dreams, and I get it for my mom who is trying to quit smoking cigarettes. She loves them!

  10. Jessica (verified owner)

    Just placed my first order, thanks to "Your Mom's House" podcast! LOVE Tom Segura and Christina P

  11. Paula (verified owner)

    Love Relax and Energy! Your Moms House brought me here but also heard about it from Ari Shaffir. Keep those jeans high and tight mommies!

  12. Maya

    Helps so much with my anxiety! I use "Relax". I was in a car accident today where I was NOT injured and after I came home this immediately eased my stress after smoking. Tastes great.

  13. Randy Woodard (verified owner)

    A+ very good product and I Definatly was relaxed after smoking a preroll. ari shaffir's skeptic tank PodCast got me here.

  14. Brian (verified owner)

    Pod don’t lie brought me here.

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