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5 Pack CBD Hemp Pre-Roll Joints



NEW: Our best-selling pre-rolls are now available in five packs! Each joint is 0.5g and features a slow, flavorful, optimal burn and the effects are amazing. These are from a fresh harvest and also feature child-resistant packaging

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Relax (#7599) N/A $40.00
Dream (#7600) N/A $40.00
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Melt into a good mood and unwind with the flavors of red wine, chocolate, and citrus.

  • Indica // Sunlight Grown // 100% Organic
  • Total Cannabinoids: 20.0%
  • Total CBD: 16.4%


Fade into the night and close your eyes with the flavors of bubble gum, pine, and key lime.

  • Indica // Sunlight Grown // 100% Organic
  • Total Cannabinoids: 17.4%
  • Total CBD: 14.1%


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Create, Energy, Relax, Dream, Peace, Hustle


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