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Alex Jones Smokes Kushy Dreams CBD

Alex Jones Smokes Kushy Dreams CBD

Flagrant2, a podcast hosted by New York-based stand-up comics Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh, recently featured a return visit by the most controversial guest in the show's history: the polarizing provocateur Alex Jones. On this wild episode, they covered everything from UFOs to Wonder Woman to the Paul brothers. The show also featured alcohol drinking, pizza eating, and CBD smoking. 

"That looks like plants," a perplexed Jones remarked to noticing the CBD-rich hemp flower on the table. Schulz and Singh explained that it was CBD. 

Schulz: "It's literally the same flower, it just doesn't have the THC." Then Singh pulled a half-gram Create pre-roll out of a 5 Pack and handed it to Jones. 

The three enjoyed pre-rolls and continued their chat. They debated who was the most entertaining man on the planet and whether Austin, TX was changing for the better or worse. Show regulars, director Alexx Media and comedian Mark Gagnon, also chimed in. 

This video podcast is absolutely not for everyone. We realize plenty of people loathe Alex Jones. We also realize that many will enjoy the energy between Andrew, Akaash, and Alex. It's wild, crazy, and hilarious. 

Jones appeared on Flagrant2 earlier in the year but the episode was removed by YouTube. Will this one stay up? Check it out now while it's still up. 

They smoke Kushy Dreams CBD pre-rolls between 1h:29m and 1h:38m [Direct Link Here]

This episode is also available as an audio podcast via SoundCloud. You can check it out here. 

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Kushy Dreams is the official CBD sponsor of Flagrant2.


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